Monday, November 19, 2012

College Success: Anyone Can Save Time and Money

Excellence In Learning is able to help college students in several different ways at varying levels. Be sure to check out the earlier articles in our College Success series to see the full range of our college services. 

Primarily, we assist students in completing their fully accredited bachelor's degrees extremely quickly and cost-effectively through the Accelerate University Program. Through our first four Test Success Kits, we train anyone who desires it in a very effective, very efficient, very different approach to learning. It is because of this method of learning that our clients are able to complete:

  • 6 college credits in 4 days
  • 12 college credits in 8 days
  • 18 college credits in 10 days
  • 72 college credits in 5 1/2 months
  • an entire college degree (120 credits) in 1 year!