Monday, November 19, 2012

College Success: Anyone Can Save Time and Money

Excellence In Learning is able to help college students in several different ways at varying levels. Be sure to check out the earlier articles in our College Success series to see the full range of our college services. 

Primarily, we assist students in completing their fully accredited bachelor's degrees extremely quickly and cost-effectively through the Accelerate University Program. Through our first four Test Success Kits, we train anyone who desires it in a very effective, very efficient, very different approach to learning. It is because of this method of learning that our clients are able to complete:

  • 6 college credits in 4 days
  • 12 college credits in 8 days
  • 18 college credits in 10 days
  • 72 college credits in 5 1/2 months
  • an entire college degree (120 credits) in 1 year!

However, as great as that sounds to many there are others who, for various reasons, prefer to continue in the traditional path. If this is you, listen up because I want to show you where significant savings can be found!

Many students have at least heard of CLEP tests. These tests are often brushed aside within the conversation of dual credit or AP. When I was in high school, they were presented to me like this:
There are these really expensive tests called CLEP tests. If you're smart enough and lucky enough, you might score high enough to "CLEP" out of freshman courses like English and stuff. But, they're really expensive so you better make sure you know you can pass them before you even think about taking one.
Shockingly, I was not brave enough to jump off that cliff. However, had someone explained to me that, while the CLEP tests are a bit pricey--about $100 a pop today--they were quite affordable compared to what I was going to pay at my college of choice. I chose an in-state, private university. So, for my two semesters of freshman English--which turned out to be an absolute repeat of what I had already learned thanks to some great high school English teachers--I paid $1,560 rather than risking less than $100 (at the time) for those same 6 credits. Now, even though I was a music major and was not required to take higher levels of math for my degree, I'm pretty sure I made a serious financial blunder in my logic!

That is why I want to make sure those of you in college as well as those of you who are college bound know about a well kept secret in saving significant money and time on your college degree. Just look at the chart to the right for a very clear cost comparison. Even if you tackle college credits through dual credit, you're still spending the Junior College equivalent. And if you are attending a private high school and doing dual credit you are probably getting charged twice with the high school tuition as well as the Junior College course fee. Obviously, it's worth it to try--for the teeny tiny cost of the CLEP or DSST or AP fee--to knock out some of those basic course requirements another way. And with just a little bit of research on your part, Google can very quickly point you in the right direction of some excellent resources for test prep so you are sure to pass.

Now before you go running off to take all the CLEP tests you can find, I strongly encourage you to research the schools you are considering before you spend the time on any test. A helpful starting point is here: It is also highly recommended that you call the college or university you are considering and verify the information listed on the above website with an official representative. Each college makes its own choice to accept/not accept:
  • Certain CLEP, DSST or AP tests
  • Certain versions of those tests (i.e. essay or no essay)
  • Certain scores on those tests
  • Certain amounts of credit via these credit-by-exam options
Make sure you know what your college requires before you spend the time and money!

And of course, if at any point (even 90 credits in to your college degree), you become interested in learning accelerated learning skills, testing out of one of the four tests we offer in our Test Success Kits or even completing a degree through AU, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

In the meantime, I hope you find this blog helpful and encouraging as you work smarter, not harder, toward your college success. Next week, we'll take a closer look at how you can earn up to 18 college credits just by giving Accelerate University a try.

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