Monday, October 22, 2012

College Success: What Degree Is Right for You?

Last week, we introduced the idea of working smarter, not harder through college. If you missed the foundational ideas laid for this topic, take a look back. Today, we're going to look more specifically about asking the right questions.

Anyone considering, or already attempting, a college degree should be asking more specific questions than: Is there value in a college degree? None of us are exactly the same. One general answer, one general solution will never make sense for everyone. Ask the right questions to get the answers you need.

Do I need to go to college?

This question has almost become taboo. I can hear the gasps across America as I type the question! But it's a valid question. Not every career requires a college degree to be successful. In fact, there are people happily working lower paying jobs who are better off financially without the student loan debt that typically comes with a college degree. There are also those working well paying jobs who got there by other routes besides college. Unfortunately, there are also a lot more who are slaving away at their careers, living pay check to pay check because even their good paying job isn't enough when the student loan repayment is in the budget.

Take some time to honestly evaluate:
  • how are you wired?
  • what are you passionate about?
  • where will you likely be successful and make an impact?

The average college student changes their major 3 to 5 times in the first two years! Every one of these changes costs precious time and money. And at around $20,000/year on average, college has become a very expensive place to "discover yourself." Nowadays, you need to know yourself before you ever get there!

That's why Excellence In Learning has designed DiscoverMe! This innovative tool combines many different types of assessments—helping you analyze and synthesize to maximize who you are and where you are going! DiscoverMe! provides focus and clarity to your personal vision and goals for your life as well as tangible steps to achieve the things you really want to do with your life.

Included with your purchase of DiscoverMe! you receive a digital printable report of your results that you can use through the years as a reference point in making choices for career, school, family and making directional decisions in life.

Also, included is a Personal Consultation.  A representative from Excellence In Learning, trained in analysis of DiscoverMe!, will speak with you (up to 1 hour online consultation) regarding your results.  Your representative will go over with you what your unique DiscoverMe! findings mean for career possibilities, the best degree options (if you are pursuing a degree), accomplishing your goals and mission and next steps you can take.  Your representative is also able to answer questions for you on your results.

Knowing how you are wired can help you select the right degree from the start as well as consider strategic opportunities--such as internships or apprenticeships--to be on the look out for so you can launch into life with a strong resume of real world experience. Taking even this one small step can put you way ahead!

The next step in working smarter is taking the time to learn how to learn.

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