Sunday, September 2, 2012

What Test Success BootCamp IS...

Test Success BootCamp is a unique tool developed by Excellence In Learning, LLC. It IS and IS NOT some very specific things.

The primary goal of Test Success BootCamp is to give you:

  • the tools,
  • tips,
  • and guidance help you successfully prepare to demonstrate college level knowledge of any academic subject.

A second goal is:

  • to help you learn how to learn and how to teach yourself. 
Both skills will come in very handy in life.

Test Success BootCamp IS:


You will receive tools, resources, links and other very helpful items in tackling your first test.


Especially in your Milestone Webinars, you will receive tips and unique advice to help you in your specific situation. Also, in each Milestone you will find "Tips for Success." Be sure to pay close attention to these as they have been developed over the time and experience of realizing what pitfalls clients can avoid and what processes, steps and methods lead to success.

Step-By-Step Guidance

Throughout Test Success BootCamp, you have clear instructions on what you need to do, step-by-step, from start to finish, in order to complete your test.

While guidance in BootCamp is different from having your own personal guide, as clients do who have been admitted to the Accelerate University Program, you will receive helpful guidance in your Milestone Webinars.

The Milestone Webinars will give you:
  • further guidance
  • more specific guidance
  • help trouble-shooting any places you get stuck

Showing You the Way

Guidance will show you the path ahead of you. The path is still yours to walk. No one can do the work for you, but your Milestone Webinars are there to make the path clear to you, to help you understand your next steps and show you how to walk your path to passing your first test.

A Place to Prove You Are Ready for the Accelerate University Program

Test Success BootCamp is not only a chance to test and gain college credit faster than the traditional route and much more cost effectively, it is also a chance to begin proving yourself as the kind of client Excellence In Learning accepts into the elite Accelerate University Program.

Accelerate University is an elite mentoring service that personally guides clients through completing a fully accredited degree from an outside school. Those who are admitted to the Accelerate University program have proven themselves in character, self-discipline, attitudes, communication and work ethic.

If you are hoping to apply to the Accelerate University program, Test Success BootCamp is a chance to show:
  • Your character
  • Your self-discipline--willing to make yourself do the work
  • Right attitudes--when faced with difficulty or challenges
  • Good communication skills
  • A determined and hard work ethic
Look at this as your first chance to prove you are the kind of person we are looking for as a client in the Accelerate University program!

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