Sunday, September 2, 2012

What Test Success BootCamp IS NOT...

Test Success BootCamp is a unique tool developed by Excellence In Learning, LLC. It IS and IS NOT some very specific things.

The primary goal of Test Success BootCamp is to give you:

  • the tools,
  • tips,
  • and guidance help you successfully prepare to demonstrate college level knowledge of any academic subject.

A second goal is:

  • to help you learn how to learn and how to teach yourself. 
Both skills will come in very handy in life.

Test Success BootCamp IS NOT:

Individual Hand-Holding

Individualized, Personal Guidance is reserved for those clients who have earned admittance to the Accelerate University program. Test Success BootCamp does provide group guidance to you through the Webinars, Hangouts and the Test Success Staff.

However, you will not have someone "on-call" 24/7. BootCamp is a chance for you to:
  • Learn to teach yourself
  • Discipline yourself to do the work
  • Prove you can handle greater tasks
  • Begin earning the privilege of later receiving a personal guide in Accelerate University

Personal Coach

Again, Individualized, Personalized Guidance is reserved for those clients who have earned admittance to the Accelerate University program. Through your purchase of Test Success BootCamp, you will get access through your Test Success Kit(s) to the Test Success Staff. This staff will return phone calls and emails Monday through Thursday between 1 and 5pm CST. To make the most of their availability, be sure to think through and clearly communicate your questions.

A Place to Complain

The surest path to NOT being accepted into the Accelerate University program is to spend your time in Test Success BootCamp complaining. At Excellence In Learning, we look for people who have a "can-do" attitude when we consider people for admittance to the Accelerate University program!

There will be challenges for you in the process of Test Success BootCamp. If this process were "super easy," you would not be blazing a new would be old news.

There will be parts of the process you may not like as well as others. Some of the material may be challenging to master. You will probably encounter stress at some point. All of this is very normal!
  • THE KEY to doing well in this process:
    • Set your mental attitude to push through it--not be shocked or dismayed by it.
    • Put complaining, blame-shifting, and looking for the "easy way" behind you!
Most clients who fail a test do so because they took a "short-cut" somewhere. They felt they knew better how to do things, or they simply wanted to be done with the difficult parts.

Remember: Short-cuts lead to test failure!

So, put on a brave face! You can do this! In fact, we suggest you display for yourself (somewhere easily visible to you on a regular basis) your goal for this test and why you are choosing to try this different approach to college.

Put your goal test date somewhere easy to see. When you are tempted to complain about whatever circumstances you are facing, take a look at your goal and remember that complaining does not get you any closer to your goal...only action and a "can-do" attitude will help you achieve it!

Traditional Approach to Education

You may find yourself saying:
  • "This is not how I studied before in classes."
  • "Shouldn't I spend a lot more time than is suggested on many more resources thus getting all possible information?"
  • "I'm not so interested in the fast part of this program, so I there's really no reason to finish in such a short time frame."
  • "I've been a successful student in the classroom. I know what to do to make the grade, so I don't really need all these learning skills. I can just do what I've always done."
If you find yourself saying or thinking similar things, recognize:
  • The way you see this process is probably from your previous experiences with education.
  • The path you are embarking on in Test Success BootCamp is a totally different way to approach education.
  • This new path involves a perspective shift in how you view the goal and benefits.
  • While there are many ways to learn, this particular approach is the only one utilized in the Accelerate University program.
If you follow the steps outlined in Test Success BootCamp, it will take you down a different path than what you have experienced in traditional education, but you will not miss out in the learning experience.

Clients who learn how to learn for themselves by following these specific steps, often say they recognize that:
  • they actually learned more than they had previously learned in classrooms
  • the information they studied stuck with them better over time because of the way they learned it and the memory techniques they used from Powerful Memorization (Brain BootCamp).
So, if you find yourself saying, "This isn't how I've done it before!"...Great! are on the right path for Test Success!

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