Sunday, September 2, 2012

Qualifying to Be In the Accelerate University Program

To be accepted into the Accelerate University Program (by which you can complete your fully accredited bachelor's degree most quickly and cost effectively) you must...

Complete Test Success BootCamp

    1st Test Success

      Within 4 weeks an applicant should:

        • Follow the steps in the 1st Test Success Kit exactly.
        • Apply the Brain BootCamp skills to their first test preparation.
        • Utilize recommended Time Management skills throughout the entire test prep period.
        • Pass their first test.

                Prepare for and attend the 1st Test Success Kit Debriefing

                More Test Success

                  Within 6 weeks total an applicant should:

                  • Complete 3 additional Test Success Kits
                  • Pass a minimum of 2 of the 3 tests

                  Complete the Application and Interview for admittance to the Accelerate University Program.

                  • This interview includes questions on:
                    • Brain BootCamp Skills
                    • Test Success Kits
                    • Applicant (and Applicant Family) Goals

                  Ready to get started?

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