Sunday, September 2, 2012

How to Succeed in Test Success BootCamp

Your success in this process depends on you. Listed below are things you can focus on in this process to aid in your success. Clients over time have proven these key areas to be directly linked to success in the Accelerate University program. They have proven this both by following the advice below to test success and by disregarding it and failing.

If you hit a "bump in the road" this list is a great place to come back to and see where things might have gone off track and then make plans for how to "get back on track" quickly.


Your attitude, as you approach the work ahead of you, will play a big role in whether or not you succeed in passing your test.

Attitudes that help you succeed sound like:

  • TRUST--I will trust my authorities who are guiding me through this process. I know they will be looking for my best interest in each decision.
  • RESPECT--I will show respect in all situations to my authorities and to my peers in Test Success BootCamp.
  • COURAGE--I will demonstrate confidence (a "can-do" attitude) as I approach my work, even the hard tasks, and will look for ways to meet the challenge instead of shrinking back.
  • HUMILITY--I will operate from a perspective of myself that freely admits, "I don't know everything" and that others are here to guide me because they know more about this process and how it fits with life. I will also act in humility toward my peers in Test Success BootCamp.
  • TEACHABILITY--I will be teachable and easily correctable when shown a place I've "missed the boat" or a "new way" to do things. My attitude will be that of a learner--wanting to learn how best to do things from those who have more experience. I will refuse attitudes of trying to make myself look good and as a result miss out on learning.
  • ENDURANCE--I will work to adjust my perspective and attitudes when faced with difficult circumstances, unforeseen challenges or unexpected adjustments. I will set my face to "work it out" and push through knowing this is part of the process that will grow me in character.


Setting goals and working hard to achieve them will be extremely helpful to you in this process. If you do not set concrete goals by when to finish a Milestone or by when to test, you will find time can easily slip away from you or a particular Milestone that you may like less can seem to "drag on forever."

Be sure to use your Google Calendar and reminder emails from Asana to keep those goals in front of you as you work through Test Success BootCamp.

When setting goals, consider the following:

  • Set achievable goals
  • Set goals that will also push you
  • Recognize that sometimes goals need to be refigured because of new information or circumstances that change. If you need to make changes to goals, that is normal and you will be okay
  • THE KEY: Continue to have a goal in front of you that is both realistic and challenging to you!

Time Management

Using the Pomodoro Technique and maintaining your "business hours" will be a key factor in your success. Again, managing your time well will directly affect your test results.


How well you discipline yourself to do the work before you, even when you don't want to, will directly impact your test results. Most people are most often tempted in the discipline area by two specific things:

  1. Take a "short-cut" to make the process faster:
    • This almost always results in a failed test!!!
  2. Put off today what can be done tomorrow:
    This almost always results in either discouragement with how long it takes to be ready to test or in a failed test. This is also why Time Management is so important.

    You will want to use your Pomodoros specifically to accomplish all the tasks necessary to complete the preparation for your test.

    You will also want to put those goal markers on your calendar and when tempted to not do today's work, look at the calendar and assess how that will impact your tasks and ultimately your goal!


The central idea with communication is that you are probably embarking into previously unknown territory for you. That means that those around you in your life are probably going to need a little extra communication from you in order to make sense out of what you are doing and what your schedule will be.

  • Your Family and Friends:
    Make sure you are communicating the kind of schedule (business hours) you are keeping, when you are free, and when you really have to focus and study. This will help you not put off studying to continually meet your social desires or the expectations of family and friends. This will also allow them to know how best to be a help and encouragement to you in this process.

    If you are a younger student (18 & under) living with your parents or guardians, communication will be a crucial factor in your success. Families need to develop a plan for how they will communicate on expectations for study time:
    • When study will occur
    • How much time the student will spend studying
    • What goals should be set and the parameters on them
    • What is allowed to change plans and goals
    • Who is allowed to change plans and goals
  • The Test Success Staff:
    Be sure to communicate to the Test Success Staff: Questions, Concerns, and Places you are stuck.

    Fill out all forms in your Kit to communicate with the Test Success Staff. Give helpful information regarding what you have been doing and where you are stuck. Your Pomodoros and the Time Allotments will come in very handy in communicating with the staff as well.

    If you are a younger student (18 & under) living with your parents or guardians, we will copy them on all communication and strongly recommend they read/watch all instructional information on our unique test prep process. Your parent or guardian's participation allows them to have a clear understanding of what you have learned and the steps ahead of you as well as making communication at home much easier. Your parents or guardians can also help you communicate specifically and clearly what your questions are as you fill out the report forms or compose emails.

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