Thursday, December 2, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that 54% of college freshmen NEVER finish their degrees?
Of those who do most change their majors 2-3 times (resulting in more years of school).
Most college students who do graduate take a minimum of 5 years to complete their degree.

Did you know that average college graduate making $40,000 per year ends up committing 36% of his paycheck per month for the next 10 years to pay his student loans?

Most college students graduate with over $50,000 in debt.

The average cost of college is:
  • $68,000 in state public
  • $103,000 out-of-state public
  • 145,000 private

Something has to be done! The Excellence In Learning Team has created Accelerate University as an elite mentoring program designed to help students achieve a fully accredited bachelor's degree in a fraction of the time for the lowest cost!

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Helping You Go Faster!

The Team at Excellence In Learning, LLC

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